Laser Tattoo Removal

With the development of laser technology many tattoo studios provide Laser Tattoo Removal alongside their existing tattoo and piercing services.  We have successfully used such equipment to remove tattoos in the past with great results.

Warning Laser Tattoo RemovalHowever, in the same we feel you should get your tattoo inked by a trained professional, not someone who’s just bought a tattoo gun off ebay, we also believe the laser tattoo removal procedure should ideally be done by a medical practitioner.

A medically trained laser tattoo practitioner will likely have far more advanced laser tattoo removal equipment that will reduce the likelihood of blistering, scarring or the remains of Green Ink within the skin. These are all issues that can occur with tattoo studios using low grade laser removal equipment!

With this in mind ‘Under The Gun’ do not provide Laser Tattoo Removal – we instead offer a far more creative solution… Cover Up Tattoos. Designing a new tattoo that encompasses your old tattoo and replaces it with a new, fresh design.

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Cover Up Tattoos


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