Tattoo Aftercare

Once you have a new piece of art on your skin, you need to look after it. We call it aftercare. Neil will give you verbal and written aftercare advice. He is highly skilled but it will count for nothing if a tattoo or a piercing is not allowed to heal properly.
If you follow following advices carefully you should have no problems at all during the healing process. In case of doubts, just call the studio or come along.

1. Neil will cover your tattoo with cling film to protect it from dust or germs. Please keep this film for one day. If you want to take a shower no problem, just dry well your skin and apply a new cling film afterwards.
2. Once you remove the cling film, it is normal to find it “slimy”. You need to carefully wash away the inky paste with a mild soap.
3. Then, cream your tattoo! Make sure your tattoo never dries out in applying once or twice a day a healing cream. This cream will protect the tattoo and help it healing and keeping its vibrant colours.
Be careful with the type of cream you use. Example, Vaseline has to be avoided as this restricts air from reaching the tattoo.
4. Your tattoo will soon begin to dry out and scab will form. Try to keep the scabs otherwise the tattoo may lose pigments or scar. Everyone has its own immune system reacting its own way.
The healing process can take 1 or 2 months. Until the final healing, please look after your tattoo.

Final recommendation during the whole healing process:

  • Don’t forget to wash and dry your hands before touching your tattoo.
  • If the tattoo becomes dirty, wash it immediately with soap, dry it and apply cream
  • Don’t pick or scratch, it might ruin the tattoo and make scars!
  • Don’t soak your tattoo for a prolonged period of time.
  • Avoid swimming, sun beds and saunas until the end of healing process.
  • Always protect your tattoo with sun block

Now you are aware about the healing process, enjoy your new tattoo!