under-the-gun-tattoo-studio-minehead-17As a freehand tattooist I can do anything, I have loads of artwork available in my studio. You can bring in your own pictures or images, it doesn’t matter if it’s a photo, picture from a magazine or newspaper or even a drawing – you will get a tattoo to be proud of.



The most popular tattoos at the moment are:

  • Tribal & Haida tattoos
  • Kanji, Celtic & Maori tattoos
  • Chinese Dragon tattoos
  • Fantasy & Cartoon character tattoos
  • Animal tattoos
  • Famous Faces
  • Flower tattoos
  • Native American tattoos
  • Americana tattoos
  • Writing & Symbol tattoos
  • Hand & Feet tattoos
  • Patriotic & National Flag tattoos
  • Nude Character tattoos

Do You Still Have Questions About Tattoos and Body Piercing?

No worries, just call me at Under the Gun Tattoo Studio on Minehead 01643 708980. Or come on in to ask a question and have a look through the artwork.